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CES Labs

CES Labs, LLC provides a complete turnkey solution for any remote data measurement, cloud data storage, and remote data monitoring. We specialize in devices such as standard freezers and ultra low freezers, biological sample storage, cryo-storage, and other lab equipment. Allow us to install, maintain, and monitor your temperature sensitive laboratory equipment.


CES Labs is the leading service company for systems that must work. Your laboratory condition control requirements will be achieved in a timely and cost effective manner.

Remote Storage and Access

Clients can monitor their systems anytime from anywhere with our cloud capabilites. Connect your device to our monitoring system and be able to receieve instant feedback about your operations.

Loss Prevention

As storage requirements are specific and monetary, research losses could be devastating. We design backup refrigeration systems that maintains tight condition control in the event of power or mechanical failure.


Allow us to choose the best system for your needs from the top companies in the industry. We order and install products from companies such as NORLAKE, New Brunswick, Panasonic, ThermoFisher, SO-LOW, Helmer, and more.